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Who We Are

RMC International Inc. is an importer and wholesaler of miscellaneous items such as sweaters, wool blankets, sheath knives and various gift items from Norway.

The company was founded in Norway in 1992 as an import-export company by Gerd and Paal Romdahl, primarily exporting Norwegian sweaters to the US and importing golf equipment and accessories to Norway. In March and April of 1994, following the Olympics in Lillehammer, as members of the NWSA, we attended trade shows at the Hyatt hotel downtown Minneapolis, and the sale of sweaters took off to the point that a decision was made to move the business to the US and continue as an importer of Norwegian products in the US.

The company was then established and registered in Minneapolis in 1994 with the main product line being Norwegian sweaters. As time passed the product lines have grown considerably and added gift items, silver jewelry, wool blankets, knives as well as a number of other products from Norway. In 2007 it was decided to move the company to Florida, and it is now located in Sarasota, Florida.

We are members of UMAGA and have had our permanent showroom there for many years (Orange Gallery, room 0-301), and we attend every show at the Minneapolis Gift Mart during the year. We have monthy shipments by air from Norway, and being Norwegian born and raised we can assist in establishing contacts also with suppliers of products we do not normally carry. So if you have a special request for a product, contact us and maybe we can help you.

We travel to Norway twice a year to attend the Gift Shows in Oslo (and to visit family), and we are presently working with about 30 different suppliers in Norway, and always on the lookout for new and exciting items to bring to our customers in the American market.



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